Most businesses today use multiple technologies to support their core business activities. Most technology service firms, however, specialize on just one or a few technologies. Their narrow technology experience means they have a limited toolset for devising the most effective solutions for real-world uncertainties and complexities. The result: most technology projects overshoot estimates for project cost and duration. And these same solutions become outdated quickly and do not scale well to the changing needs of the business.

At HTRI, our cross-technology focus means our solutions are optimally designed to work with multiple technologies. Our staff and business partners have the cross-technology experience to best tackle your real-world needs. As an HTRI customer, you'll experience what every other customer of ours experiences: HTRI's world-class customer service and support at an affordable and predictable cost.


Potential customers often ask us: Does HTRI advocate certain technologies over others?

We keep a laser-like focus on our customer's needs. We will only advocate the best technology solutions for your budget and business needs. Many times, tried-and-true technology solutions work best. To fit a completely unique need, HTRI also has the expertise to create and implement leading edge solutions. No matter how conventional or unconventional, our solutions always answer our customer needs in an effective and reliable manner.

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